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Meet Vicky: From Customer Service Assistant to Customer Due Diligence Analyst!

Flexible hours, studying a masters and being a mum!

Hey Vicky!

When and why did you join Entain and what has your journey been like so far within retail? 

I joined Entain in July 2012 after working in the world of Casinos, but being a new mum, I found the night shifts there no longer worked well for me. So, when I saw the role with Ladbrokes, moving into a betting shop seemed like a good fit for my skills and knowledge.

I started as a 4 hour contract Customer Service Assistant, but enjoyed it so much that I more often worked 16-20 hours a week. Entain has changed and developed a lot over the 10 years i’ve been here. In the past, it felt like a struggle to move forward and progress, especially being female. However, Entain has and continues to make progress in this area and it’s great to work for a company with such strong female role-models, all the way up to the CEO. In terms of my personal development within Retail, I progressed to Customer Service Manager, Shop Manager, and then into a Marketplace Manager role. I'm now on a new journey with Entain and have recently started a secondment in Retail CDD team!

Congrats on your recent secondment! What's your current job title and what is it that you do in your new role?

I’ve just started a 6 month secondment as Retail CDD Analyst. The Retail CDD – Customer Due Diligence – team are focused on safer gambling and supporting shops teams in ensuring that customers are remaining in control of their betting. The aim is to ensure that, as a business, we aren’t taking a single penny from someone who can’t afford to lose it. I’ve always worked in a very logical, methodical and evidence based way, and this role is a perfect match for those soft skills. 

By far my favourite thing about working here is the people. Everyone is so friendly, helpful, and willing to support you to reach your career goals.

Talk us through your degree and the masters you are currently studying? 

I’m currently studying a masters in Science and Health Communication at the University of Manchester. I started the course in September 2021, studying part time, attending lectures one day each week. I have a lot to thank my job at Entain for – from allowing me the flexible working schedule needed to fit in lectures and assignment deadlines, to offering workplace apprenticeships which reignited my passion for learning and strengthened my initial masters application. I gained my undergraduate degree in 2002, so having just completed a workplace apprenticeship allowed me to evidence recent study, and to have a recent education reference from my apprenticeship assessor. 

How has flexible working hours here at Entain helped you juggle your work and studies? 

The flexible working hours at Entain have made my study possible – I’m not sure I could’ve studied a masters while working full time anywhere else. Working 5 days a week in an industry which is busier at the weekend means I can work a chunk of my contract over Saturday and Sunday, leaving me the weekdays I need free for Uni. The other staff never seemed to mind me working this pattern because it meant more weekends off for them! I know it’s quite common for students to begin working at Entain due to the flexibility, but I’d encourage any current employees even considering returning to education to go ahead and do it – now is the perfect time! 

How would you describe the culture of career progression at Entain? 

There has always been a progression culture at Entain. There’s a clear route through retail positions for those who wish to pursue it. The company is a huge global powerhouse with endless opportunities for career progression, development and movement. It’s perfect for those of us who continue to age but still have no idea what we want to do for a long term career. Secondment opportunities are a great way to help you figure this out – it’s like a free trial of a job with no risk and no long-term commitment. 

What advice would you give someone thinking about joining Entain? 

Entain is such a great place to work if you need a job that fits around family, study, hobbies or any other commitments you have. Every day is different and there are so many different departments and roles you can move into. By far my favourite thing about working here is the people. Everyone is so friendly, helpful, and willing to support you to reach your career goals. 

Favourite moment so far since you joined? 

Especially working in retail, you get to meet some interesting people, both staff and customers. My favourite shifts were always Boxing Day at the Racecourse. It was the busiest shift of the entire year, but the atmosphere was electric. Another favourite has been going to the Golden Ticket events. It’s a great reward for outstanding staff to be able to let their hair down and meet people from other areas and regions. 

Work life balance is very important. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? 

I always enjoyed writing, which is what led me to study Science and Health Communication. I also love music so spend my spare time playing ukulele and guitar, listening to music or going to gigs. And I highly value self-care, so the occasional spa break is important to me and helps me unwind from the pressures of juggling all my time commitments.  

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