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Breaking Barriers: Joela’s Inspiring Journey at Entain Manila

Throughout the year we celebrate the incredible women shaping Entain's success. Today, we're thrilled to share the story of Joela, our Head of Capacity Planning and Manila Lead. Her journey exemplifies determination, growth, and the power of an inclusive workplace. 


A Career Forged in Change:

Entain’s dynamic environment is evident in Joela's impressive journey over the past eight years. Having begun her career as a Capacity Planning Analyst, she now leads the team as Head of Capacity Planning & Manila Lead. Her ability to adapt has been instrumental during a time of significant change. She has skillfully managed the complexities of multiple data migrations, organisational restructure, and the implementation of cutting-edge technologies. These changes at Entain have created opportunities to improve processes and drive innovation, allowing her to have a varied career path.

Finding Inspiration and Support: 

What initially drew Joela to Entain? It was the company's commitment to diversity and opportunity. She highlights the value placed on ‘big or small inputs' and the supportive environment that fosters collaboration and achieving goals together. Joela credits her success to being a ‘listening line manager’ as well as collaborative stakeholders – elements that create a healthy working environment where she feels empowered to excel. 

​Lessons Learned, Wisdom Shared: 

Throughout her career, Joela has embraced valuable lessons that resonate with anyone aspiring for growth: 

  • Treat everyone with respect: Regardless of position, Joela emphasises the importance of respectful interactions. She believes in treating everyone with respect, no matter their job title. This means listening attentively to all ideas, regardless of who shares them. 


“ I've experienced firsthand how important this is. At a previous job, I was the only junior analyst in a brainstorming session with managers. I felt disregarded at first, but thankfully, when I shared my idea, it was well-received. This showed me the power of respectful workplaces where everyone contributes. That's why I'm committed to creating a culture of respect, where everyone feels heard and valued. ”


  • ​Embrace change: The ability to adapt and be flexible is crucial in today's dynamic work environment. When faced with new systems, tools, or processes, she encourages an open mind. Remember, change often brings opportunities to learn and grow!
  • Maintain integrity: Joela champions transparency a core value, even during challenges. Sharing information truthfully and acting responsibly builds trust with colleagues and strengthens the team.

Empowering Others Through Inclusion: 

​When asked about International Women's Day's theme of 'Inspire Inclusion' Joela highlights the power of inspiring and acknowledging people's value. This fosters a sense of belonging and empowers individuals to achieve great things. 

​Leading with Inclusivity: 

​As a woman in a leadership position, she defines an 'inclusive leader' as someone who considers diverse perspectives and fosters collaboration. This approach unlocks the full potential of every team member and creates a more productive environment.

Joela's story is more than just an individual journey; it's a testament to the power of inclusion and the progress that flourishes when diverse voices are value. Her journey is a beacon of empowerment, not just for women, but for anyone who wants to thrive at Entain.