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Our People: Christoph Haas

Christoph haas is director of Entain Sportsbook and has been with the company since september 2014. we sat down with him to hear about his career journey and views on our culture.

Tell us a bit about how you came to work at Entain.

I’ve worked in the online gambling industry since 2004, starting my journey back then with bwin. In between, I became CTO for an e-commerce company in Berlin but came back to bwin in 2014. As a kid I always wanted to work in IT or a technical job, so I guess that’s why I landed where I am now! 

It was quite interesting to re-join the business after nearly four years away. I still knew a lot of people and I think because of that it felt like I’d jump straight back in like I hadn’t been away, but so much changes in four years! I would summarise my experience of working here in a few words – challenging, learning, listening, changing and fun.

What’s the culture like in your team?

Culture is the most important thing for me – I’ve always said that it’s the foundation for successful teams. Our culture is built on trust, transparency and getting things done. I think it’s really important as well that we have a flat hierarchy, where people are working with each other very closely regardless of level, in a structured process so that we can concentrate on building the right software solutions for our customers.

Christoph Haas

Would you be able to give us a bit of an insight into your team and their daily routine?

People love what they do. We have a very good engineering culture which is built into our technical DNA. My teams span several locations, so it is key that we have strong communication and the tools to develop and implement our software solutions. So, all teams have their stand-up meetings every day, including bi-weekly planning sessions.

How have you and your team adapted to working from home in the last few weeks? Has anything particular impressed you?

It’s really common that we work from home sometimes, so we have adapted very, very quickly. Of course, with no face-to-face time, the communication can be challenging. But as we are used to working across many different locations, teams are prepared for this. However, as we miss our coffees and lunches, we have moved to virtual video coffee breaks and end-of-day after-work calls, so we still get to catch up! I am very impressed how teams are working together to adapt very quickly to the difficult situation.

‘Bring It On’ is one of Entain’s four pillars, which are at the heart of everything we do. What does it mean to you? How do you see it being lived at Entain?

For me, it means that we are in a very fast-paced industry where we need to adapt quickly and solve challenges with a high degree of professionalism and dynamism. I see it being demonstrated daily, as the teams react through agile processes and engineering practices. We love to change our software and create new versions!

Working at Entain is both exciting and challenging – the best thing is that you work with really talented professional people who share their knowledge and we have a culture where everyone can learn from one another.

Our Culture As real as it gets

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