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World Environment Day

How Entain is helping protect the environment.

While we experience and respond to the global health crisis, it’s important not to forget that we’re also in the midst of a climate crisis. Many of Entain’s locations are on the frontline.

Today, 5thJune, marks World Environment Day, and we’re taking a look at what we’re doing at Entain to help protect our environment for future generations.

Shay Segev, COO, says, “Taking action to reduce our environmental impact is a key part of our CSR agenda. We know it’s important for our people, our business and our world. And as a Group of over 24,000 colleagues, if we all make small changes, together we can make a big difference.”

Virginia McDowell, Non-Executive Director and Chair of our CSR Committee tell us, During the Covid-19 crisis, we’ve shown how we can change our behaviours to protect one another. We’ve also seen how our planet has enjoyed much-needed breathing space and even thrived without so much adverse human intervention."

As we emerge from this health crisis, and return to our offices and shops, we’ll continue to do everything we can to keep our impact on the environment to a minimum, so we can protect the health of our planet for future generations.

Virginia McDowell, Non-Executive Director and Chair of our CSR Committee

One strategy, three goals

We have three primary goals as an organisation when it comes to the environment:

  • Increase the amount we recycle.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions (from energy use, transport, and our supply chain).
  • Improve sustainability, which means putting the environment at the heart of all of our decision-making and choices.

As Steve Howells, Group HSSE Director, says, “We’re a relatively low-impact company compared to others with a similar turnover or number of employees. But we’re not complacent and know we can and should do more to reduce our environmental impact. We have a strategy and an action plan and in 2019 we made great progress, reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 10% overall and waste by 50%. This is a great start. But, it is just a start and we will do more.”

What we’re doing in 2020

Colin Gray, Environment Manager, tells us what’s happening this year: “We switched our UK retail electricity contract to 100% renewable in January, complementing our existing renewable contract in Ireland. When we’re back in our workplaces, we’ll continue to improve recycling arrangements wherever we can in shops, offices and stadia, and we’re working with the Carbon Trust and with BSI to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions further and to achieve international environmental recognition.”

We’re also asking all employees to complete a mandatory e-learning module on the environment and reminding colleagues that, when they return to their workplace, to make environmentally considerate choices.

Our Culture As real as it gets

At Entain we're a diverse team, sharing a commitment to quality and success.

Whether you're playing a key role in your local community as part of our retail team, or working out the next big gaming trends in our digital team, you'll enjoy a culture and benefits package that we're extremely proud of.