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Shay Segev, Chief Executive Officer, on Entain

The start of something big

Becoming Entain isn’t just a change of name. It’s the start of our revolution of this industry. It’s a revolution that dares to change the face of gambling.

We’re combining technology and entertainment to create exciting products and experiences that push the boundaries and protect our valued players like never before. We have the desire, the power, and the technology advantage to make this happen, and we’re not afraid to do it. It’s time to start transforming our sector for our players, for ourselves, and for the good of entertainment.

Leading the way in responsibility

It’s time to reframe the conversation on gambling.It’s our mission to be the pioneering experts in safer gambling, to be the company that is at the forefront of responsibility. We’ll proudly lead the way for others to follow. Only a responsible business will be a sustainable one. Because until we all win, no-one does.

This is our time

There’s a buzz and excitement here at Entain. We’re a team with incredible talent, commitment and passion that you won’t experience anywhere else. All of us here are the fuel that will fire the revolution. I’m excited to be part of it and to achieve real change. We’ll focus our performance in two areas – sustainability and growth. We’ll obsess about delivering on our objectives in these areas, and the results will follow.

With regard to sustainability, our targets are to only operate in regulated markets, and to lead on responsibility. We’ve already put in place corporate governance that’s best in class and will make sure we’re known in the industry as the best place to work. Our growth targets are to be the market leaders in the US, grow our core markets, enter new regulated markets and expand to new audiences.

Let’s get started

Becoming Entain is the first step along this revolutionary path. We’ll build a long term, sustainable business that we’re all proud of. And we all win. Our people, our customers and our shareholders. For the good of entertainment.

Our Culture As real as it gets

At Entain we're a diverse team, sharing a commitment to quality and success.

Whether you're playing a key role in your local community as part of our retail team, or working out the next big gaming trends in our digital team, you'll enjoy a culture and benefits package that we're extremely proud of.