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Here at Entain, we want everyone to feel healthy and supported at work, and at home.

Looking after your wellbeing means looking after yourself, your health and the people around you. At Entain, we’re always asking ‘how're you doing’ as individuals, teams and as an organisation. We know that embedding wellbeing into every aspect of our employees experience means that our people are able to thrive in a positive, encouraging and supportive environment.

And no matter where you are in your wellbeing journey, we'll be supporting you at every stage. Whether you're already thriving and want an extra boost, or you really need someone to talk to, our wellbeing offer wraps its arms around you, whatever you're going through.

So when it comes to Wellbeing and looking after our people, we don’t mess around. We're constantly partnering with industry experts for insights; we know everyone’s got stuff going on and ignoring it just isn’t OK. There’s good days, bad days and those weird ones in between, and all of them matter to us.

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Creating a culture of wellbeing

At the heart of our wellbeing strategy are three values which underpin the culture of wellbeing we want to create.

And these values are influencing what we see, feel, say and do, how we interact with others and how we are treated.

1. We put our health first

Looking after our health and wellbeing is our first priority.

2. We look out for each other

We need to think about our colleagues’ wellbeing and help when we can.

3. We ask for help when we need it

Nobody should suffer in silence - support is always available.




We know that your wellbeing can be affected by how you’re feeling mentally, emotionally and physically. Which is why we introduced the Well-me programme; 3 pillars of wellbeing that hopefully make navigating life just that bit easier.

Think-well. Live-well. Work-well.

Think-well is targeted at that thing between your ears (y’know, your brain). Mental health can affect the way you think, feel and behave which is why we’re working closely with companies including Unmind and EAP to make sure everyone is supported and nobody is left behind. We’ve structured our approach to provide support at three levels – for colleagues who are thriving, for colleagues who are struggling, and for colleagues who may be ill or off work.

Live-well focuses on our colleagues' physical health, basically all the things that make you tired just hearing about them…diet, fitness, work-life balance. Turns out they’re actually quite good for you. Who knew? We’ll provide education and practical advice to raise awareness and build skills to help our employees feel at their best.

Work-well is all about getting the most out of your workplace. Workplace wellbeing relates to all aspects of our working life, from the quality and safety of where we work, to how our people feel about their working environment and how their work is organised. With regular surveys on what might be hindering our colleagues' wellbeing, and interviews with key stakeholders, Work-well ensures everyone has a voice.

When you join Entain, we could just tell you how much your wellbeing really does matter to us, but we’d rather show you instead. And what better way to learn about what our people want and need, than to hear it from them?

Hear what our Entainers had to say.