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The Team Sheet

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Levelling the playing field.

At Entain we do what’s right. It’s one of our core values. Which is why we’re taking the lead when it comes to creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive future - for our people, the wider sports betting industry, and society beyond.

A place for everyone.

Our purpose at Entain is to bring moments of excitement into people’s lives. But none of this would be possible without our people working at their best. To achieve that, we’ve created a culture where everyone can feel psychologically safe, included and heard. Where being accepted for who you are is a given. Here, we celebrate individual differences, and make sure everyone is supported, and empowered, to thrive.

Hear from Fraser, HR Advisor, on what it means to him to work in a supportive environment.

Our programmes and initiatives

Anybody can talk the talk, but when it comes to creating a diverse future for Entain and our people, we’re also walking the walk with a wide variety of programmes and initiatives.

We’re on a mission to learn from our colleagues, particularly their experiences of feeling like they don’t belong. We’re listening, understanding, and acting – so we can raise the bar on inclusion even further. 

And that starts with our immersive and interactive Global Learning Programme. Through a series of engaging learning experiences, we educate all our people on different diversities, to equip them with the tools they need to think and behave inclusively. We’ve also created a globally agreed language that empowers people to feel safe having the conversations we need to have about diversity and inclusion. It’s about building understanding, recognising unconscious bias, and allowing everyone to show up as an ally.

That way, we can make Entain the best place to work, for everyone.

Just as fans from all over the world unite to support their favourite football teams, our people come together to support our inclusion identity, Entain Nation. It’s more than just an idea, or a slogan, it’s a movement that drives everything we do here. Because at Entain, we’re a nation that empowers our people to celebrate who they are, who they love, what they believe in, and how they show up to work.

As a global player, our brands impact communities all over the world. And that means we have a responsibility to do right by them. Which is why we launched EnTrain in 2021. This multi-million pound global initiative provides opportunities for under-represented and disadvantaged groups to access technology. From funding scholarships and school support, to supplying technology training to budding digital pioneers, and much else beyond, the aim is simple: Make a positive impact on the lives of over one million people throughout the world by 2030. And we’re already well on our way.

This is our network that gives women at Entain – wherever in the world they are – the chance to connect, collaborate, celebrate, and of course inspire each other.  It’s about providing safe spaces to make our women feel accepted, heard and valued. Women@Entain is open to all women across our business, alongside allies too.


We want to create a culture in which everyone feels safe and empowered, and where everyone can thrive.  We've created our second global network in order to give our LGBTQIA+ colleagues and their allies wherever they are - the chance to educate, celebrate, connect and inspire each other. And by bringing them together in safe spaces, we want them to feel accepted, heard and valued, being their authentic selves.

Entainers is our global ambassador network aimed to help our employees spread the word about Entain, our brand, our initiatives and our global community. To be the best they can, we provide our Entainers with a collaborative and innovative toolkit in order to share ideas, network, create content and share stories. Entainers have a real passion for supporting and promoting inclusion and belonging at Entain which makes it even easier for everyone to join together based on shared identity and life experience. Being an Entainer means having the opportunity to learn and develop yourself and meet new people all over the business from different locations and culture!