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Wellbeing Ignited is back!

This year, we celebrated World Mental Health Day by hosting Wellbeing Ignited, an event that’s all about helping our employees to feel at their best.

Conversations about Wellbeing at Entain aren’t just about raising awareness, but also about how we can tackle the every day thoughts and feelings we all have. Wellbeing Ignited is an annual even that opens our minds to the different ways in which we can put out health and wellbeing first. 

We welcomed none other than Leon Taylor, Olympic silver medallist and TEDxspeaker on mental wellness, as well as Dr Nick Taylor, CEO of Unmind and an Entain partner, to share their perspectives on how to be at your best and build healthy habits for a healthy mind. With mindfulness sessions, Q&As and interactive discussions, people from all over Entain tuned into the event, both in person and online.

Here’s Dr Nick on why World Mental Health Day is about reflecting on, raising awareness of, and celebrating our mental health.



The event itself was a great opportunity to explore how we can all proactively look after our mental wellbeing and the future of Wellbeing at Entain. During the session, we talked about the stigma around talking about your feelings and asking for help, as well as the importance of prioritising your own mental wellbeing. Not only was Wellbeing Ignited an event to learn about how to take care of your own mental health, but it was also an event that gave our employees the chance to switch off and take time out.

If you want to find out more about how we’re focussing on supporting the Wellbeing of our colleagues around the world, check out our Wellbeing page on the ‘Our Culture’ section of the site.