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Serious Brainpower

To solve the toughest problems, ask the biggest brains.

That was our thinking when we funded a multi-million dollar research collaborative with Harvard to help us understand and spot problem gambling behaviours.

We working with the Division on Addiction , which is known for its ground-breaking research into addictive behaviour. So we’re only working with the best on this project.

Research is essential to progress in this area and Entain's 'Changing for the Bettor' campaign will make an important contribution to tackling problem gambling.

Mims Davies MP, the UK’s Gambling Minister

But what does the project cover, what are we looking to do with the findings? 

First things first, we're Digging deep

Using player data from our brands, sports betting, and gaming products, PhD-qualified researchers at the Division on Addiction are digging deep into gambling behaviour.

What they discover will help make our business smarter, helping us to tweak our products and our algorithms so we can make gambling safer for everybody.

Then, we want to answer the Big Questions

This project is much more than just an investment in what we do, it will help the industry as a whole, too. 

Gambling operators have a key role to play in protecting people from harm and identifying potentially risky betting behaviour

Mims Davies MP, the UK’s Gambling Minister

Throughout the five year programme, we’ll be looking for answers to the big gambling questions:

  • What does normal gambling look like?
  • How can we tell when someone has a problem?
  • How good is our algorithm at spotting at-risk behaviours?
  • Do our safer gambling tools work?

So if you ever need to explain to people what we’re doing to understand problem gambling, tell them we’re studying at Harvard.