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Entain are switching off. Are you?

This Saturday, 27th March at 8.30pm local time our global offices, including those in Austria, Bulgaria, Gibraltar, Manila and the UK are switching off their lights in support of Earth Hour, thanks to our fantastic Facilities Managers.

Steve Howells, Director of HSSE, tell us more about this pledge, "Earth Hour’s an annual WWF event which over the years has seen buildings, landmarks and city skylines go dark to draw the world’s attention to nature loss and the climate emergency."

So, why are we doing it?

"We get that switching off for an hour is a symbolic gesture. But we want to show our support at such a critical time for our planet.

"At Entain, we’re serious about doing our bit. That’s why we recently committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and achieving Net Zero by 2035 at the latest.

"And we’re the first betting & gaming company to achieve the international environmental standard – something we can all be proud of."

How can we all get involved?

"If you feel as strongly as we do, why not join us by switching off your lights at home at 8.30pm local time this Saturday. You’ll be joining millions of people showing their commitment. 

"But keep your mobile on. The WWF will post a must-watch video on social media, so the world sees our planet, the issues we face and our place within it in a new light. They want it to be the most watched video in the world. Let’s help make that happen. Check out the WWF website to find out more."

Learn more about Earth Hour's mission, and how you can support, here.