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How to land the digital marketing job of your dreams

It’s out there. The perfect role. The one that will kick Sunday night dread to the kerb and see you skipping into work every Monday (well maybe). You know if you land it, you’ll smash it. So, eyes on the prize, here are our 5 top tips for getting the digital marketing job of your dreams:

Know your stuff

It might sound obvious, but digital marketing moves at a blistering pace and you need to be on top of trends, tools and best practices. You’ll need knowledge and experience of must-haves like Hootsuite, HubSpot and Google Analytics and the latest insight from industry websites is great to have in your locker. Not got on the job experience? Don’t panic. You can access lots of tools like Google Analytics and Adwords for free, and don’t be scared to get stuck in – digital marketing is ever-evolving so the ability to learn on the go is a real plus. When you secure that interview showing you’ve got knowledge, experience, and curiosity makes you a triple threat.

Perfect your brand

If you’re in digital marketing, your online presence has to be top drawer. Those Malia holiday pics, those messages to Peter Andre, the many, many shots of smashed avocado… it’s time to make them disappear. Your social media is your brand. If you want to be taken seriously as a digital marketer, you need to back it up. Go beyond a social spring clean and show off your skills: think about the tone of voice, share insightful content and don’t be afraid to stand-out.

Research the company

You know where you want to work, you’ve seen the dream role, it’s time to get to know your future employers. Forget a quick skim of the website – although it’s a good starter for ten – this is the time to go full-on Columbo. What kind of people work there? Who are the runners and riders? What’s the culture like? What challenges and opportunities does the company face? Go deep into the website, check out their social channels, Glassdoor and even throw in a generic google search. It’ll help you build rapport at interview and work out whether you’re the right fit for the company.

Know the industry

Another ace to have up your sleeve is knowledge of the bigger picture. Find out who the company’s biggest competitors are and get some intel on what they are doing and how they are doing it. Try to think about where the company you are applying to fits in the market and how their tactics compare to competitors. Dropping this into your application or interview will show you have a wider understanding of the industry and a genuine interest.

Show your passion

Great digital marketers are creative, innovative and have a passion for their work. Think of ways you can put something out there that shows potential employers what you can do. Start a personal blog, build a website, bring out the big guns and create a hidden Easter Egg to surprise social media snoopers. Don’t worry if it’s only potential employers that see it, those hours you put in and that little touch of flair will show your ambitions – and could even secure you the ultimate prize.

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