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Early careers at Entain

Looking to kick-start your career? Hear from some of our junior employees on what it’s like to start your future now at Entain.

We spoke to four of our people about what it’s been like to start their careers with Entain. Here’s what they had to say…

Tell us about your story, your role and what you do.

Abigail: Upon completing my English Language degree back in 2019, I was determined to undertake a role within the industry of digital marketing. However, with it being such a vast and diverse field, I found it difficult to find a specific area which interested me – that is until I came across the role of CRM Executive at Entain. Ever since I have begun my new role, it has become increasingly clear that this is the career path for me. My work as a CRM Executive involves the conceptualisation, creation and analysis of campaigns under both the bwin and sportingbet brands, which is perfect for someone like myself who is constantly seeking out opportunities which allow me to demonstrate my creative mindset.

Samuel: I’m Samuel Silva, I’m from Portugal, a Graphic designer in the Wave department. Well, where to start! I love Arts in general, and this started with dance – first street dance, and after into ballet and contemporary dance. It was my interest in dance that brought me to creating posters for dance shows, which lead me to study design at university. After university, I started my search for a role in Portugal but found that many companies were looking for people with years of experience – so I moved to London and after some time, managed to secure myself a role at Entain! Here I have been able to work alongside other amazing designers, learn new skills from my colleagues and work for some amazing brands at the same time. My current role is production design and creative design, and I am really enjoying it! 

Leo: I’m Leo and I have worked for Entain for over three months as a CRM Executive for Rest of World. My role as a CRM Executive involves putting out sports and casino campaigns and then analysing the results of these campaigns to achieve the best possible numbers!

Miles: Hi I'm Miles and I'm a CRM executive for sportingbet UK and bwin UK.


How did you find your role and how was the interview process?

Abigail: I came across my role as a CRM Executive via the Entain website. The application process was easy and after submitting my CV and inputting my details, I was offered the opportunity to interview. The interview process was appealing to someone like myself who enjoys being challenged whilst building new relationships.

Samuel: I found the role on LinkedIn, and the process of the interview was great. I was nervous (of course!) which I think is normal because I wanted the role so much, and I was delighted to be offered the position. The process of the interview was divided into 3 parts. First contact with the internal recruiter where we discussed my history, my story and my skills - the second part was a test of my skills which involved working on a creative and production task, followed by a final stage where I met with the team again to discuss my approach to the task. It was a great process in my opinion from start to finish! 

Leo: I found the role advertised on the Entain LinkedIn profile and the interview process was challenging but what you would expect from a big company! I went through two interviews plus a task, so the process was straightforward and enjoyable.

Miles: I found the job on LinkedIn, the whole process from first contact to be offered the job was seamless!

What attracted you to join Entain as a place to start your career?

Abigail: Finishing University with a degree which didn’t directly relate to the field of work I wanted to break into meant that it was difficult to find a role which reflected what I was looking for. However, upon seeing the role which was being offered at Entain and taking a deeper look into the company’s values and ideologies, I was certain that this was where I needed to be.

Samuel: Entain is one of the biggest companies in the world and has brands that are sports related which was of a real interest to me. I was also drawn to the fact that the team is made up of established designers who I could learn and develop everyday which was really important for me when looking for a role. Already in the last few months I feel like I have grown so much, not just professionally but also on a personal level – which I love. 

Leo: A couple of things attracted me to a role in CRM team. Firstly, the chance to work at a big and ever-growing company and secondly, being able to work in sport and data at the same time!

Miles: The opportunity to work in an ambitious and well-respected company definitely appealed to me. Working on a brand like bwin, which sponsors major tournaments such as the Europa League, is also really exciting.


How have you felt Entain has supported your progression and development so far?

Abigail: Over the two months that I have been working at Entain, I have received an abundance of support and training within my role. Not only did the training schemes which they offer exceed my expectations to the fullest, but the people who work there are so incredibly friendly, accommodating and approachable, which makes it easy to ask for advice or support when needed.

Samuel: It’s been pretty amazing from the day I arrived. My first few months were all about supporting me and helping me settle into my new role, the team were super friendly and were always on hand to support. 

Leo: So far, my team have been very helpful in progressing and developing me in this industry! I feel I can ask any question and the team always try and explain everything in detail.  

Miles: The onboarding process was very helpful, and I received professional training on our key products and business functions. Furthermore, I have been given the responsibility to examine and analyse parts of the business someone in a graduate role normally wouldn’t see. This has given me a much better understanding of the company and what drives a successful business.


What advice would you have to someone looking to join Entain in an entry level/graduate level role?

Abigail: My key piece of advice for those looking to work at Entain would be to stay true to yourself and to let your personality shine through during the interview process. With Entain being such a diverse and accepting place to work with equal opportunities, I would say it’s important that you’re able to bring a positive attitude into the workplace.

Samuel: My advice is simple, don’t think twice about it. Apply and come and work with us! 

Leo: I would say that attention to detail is key in this role and good excel/tech knowledge is also important!

Miles: My advice would be to show the desire to want to grow and develop your skills, whilst being confident in your own ability.


Has there been anything that’s taken you by surprise since joining Entain?

Abigail: I suppose the biggest surprise to me upon beginning my role was how in-depth and hands-on the training schemes which Entain offer are. In comparison to previous jobs I have had in the past, the training here has thoroughly exceeded my expectations and has helped prepare me for my new role.

Samuel: Everything. As it is my first time working for such a large company, to be honest I have been surprised as the support I have received. The team are so helpful, and everyone gives 100% to everything they do. I recently went to our new Stratford office and it was incredible, it felt like I was inside a movie set or Google offices! The quality of equipment and space to focus/ relax really was impressive.  As you can tell, I’m super happy to be here!

Leo: I have been really surprised at how fast-moving the sports betting, gaming and interactive entertainment industry is!

Miles: Definitely. I've been really surprised how fun being involved with sports on a daily basis!

We have plenty of entry level roles available across all of our teams, so if you want to kick-off your career with Entain and start your future now, head to our careers site and apply!