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Customer Service @ Entain

Here at Entain, our Customer Service teams are an integral part of our business. Operating globally and covering a range of roles and responsibilities, we’re constantly looking for new members to join us. Think you’re up to it? We asked our employees what it takes to succeed in Customer Service…

What does good customer service at Entain look like?

Good customer service at Entain looks like always putting yourself in the customer’s shoes; fully understanding their issue or question and solving it as soon as possible, so they can continue to enjoy playing with us. Our business is an entertainment business, so it’s important to clear up any questions quickly – we don’t want them to not be able to continue having fun, or they will go elsewhere.

How would you describe the culture in the team?

Teamwork is the big driver in this environment. Teams all over the world support each other, contact each other on group chats and have quick catch-up calls to determine best practice. This helps to ensure that we do what is best for our customers, solve any issues appropriately, and get them back to doing what they want – which is enjoying our products responsibly.

What key skills do you need to work in customer service?

Number one is a customer-first attitude. Our customer service employees are representatives of the whole organisation to our customers, helping them to enjoy our websites and our products, and their whole experience of the brand with which they play and engage with can be shaped by their contact with this team. You need to be customer-focused and goal-oriented in order to achieve the best results.

What training / progression is available to someone joining the team?

Whenever a customer service agent joins the team, they get induction training to ensure they understand how the relevant tools function and the business specifics related to the area which they will be serving. However, our business is very dynamic and there are often changes, consequently training is also ongoing. Online learning is becoming increasingly important for us and there is always space to learn and to grow.

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