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6 Career Resolutions

A new year means a new you, right? We all have been guilty of saying this every year, but this time, it’s going to be different. NOW is the time to make a change!

Here are our 6 career resolutions that you can follow to give you the best 2019!

1. Update your CV

It’s something we all forget to do. But updating your CV is an important task to get on top of. So what better time to dust it off and give it a refresh than the New Year?

List your achievements over the last 12 months, make sure the formatting is correct and most essential of all – check for spelling mistakes! First impressions count and you don’t want to seem careless.

2. Learn a new skill

New Year, new me – that’s the cliché. But maybe there’s something to it. An unmarked calendar is a great opportunity to learn something new that’s of benefit to both you and prospective employers.

Set yourself a goal and then earmark a time frame to complete it in. This could include going on a course to learn something new or getting a different perspective by going to a talk or a conference. Anything that could enhance your employability and make you a more attractive candidate is always something worth considering.

You might be surprised at what you’re able to achieve. Who knows? You may even enjoy it, too!

3. Develop your work relationships

In any work environment it’s important to maintain good relationships. That starts in your own team with your own colleagues and manager. Odds are you’ll get on well with them. So try and branch out and get to know some of the people around you. Every company has a vast array of different teams working within it, all of whom could add something to your own skillset.

New relationships could also mean new opportunities for you and your prospective team. You might find out that your department can help another and vice-versa. With Trading, Retail, Marketing and Technology all based in the same building, there’s always an opportunity to learn something from someone else.

4. Dress to impress

It’s important to give off the right image. People are more likely to respect you and listen to what you have to say if you look the part - especially when it comes to interviews.

Do that and you’re already giving off the right impression to those around you. Once you’re in the door, make sure you adhere to the company’s dress code. Crocs are no-ones friend, remember!

5. Create a portfolio of your work

File this one alongside updating your CV. It’s something we’ve all had plans to do at some point but for whatever reason you’ve never got round to doing it. Now could be the time.

A New Year is a great time to take stock of what you’ve achieved over the last 12 months and collate it all into a single place. There are tools available online to help you manage it, or you could do it the old-fashioned way by printing things off and sticking them in a folder.

However you choose to do it, you’ll probably be surprised at just how much good work you’ve done over the last year and beyond. Doing it now could be important if you’re planning on applying for a job and showcasing your talents.

6. Get to know yourself and the company better

It’s always important to be aware of who you’re working for. Do your research and immerse yourself in the history, culture and values of the company. If you can demonstrate a genuine interest, you’re more likely to come across as the perfect candidate for the role.

It’s also essential to ask yourself whether you’re the right person for the job. Now that might seem like a simple thing to say. But having the skills to complete the tasks at hand is one thing; enjoying the job itself is another. If you’re a firm yes to both then what are you waiting for? Get that application sent off!

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