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4 ways to keep employees motivated

It’s day one. You bound into the office, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, the new signing eager to make a big impression. Fast-forward to month ten. The heels are dragging, you’re taking the easy wins, happy to sit back and be a bit-part player.

The job is the same one you jumped out of bed for on the first day, your skills are still on point, but the motivation to get things done and the enthusiasm to go the extra mile just isn’t there.

Even the best employees can become disengaged if the work environment isn’t right. Here are our top tips for keeping motivation high:

  1. Invite them in

If you don't care about the task you're doing, you're not going to want to do it. But motivation is less about the individual task (because no-one loves filling in a timesheet...) and more about feeling connected to the bigger picture. When you feel part of a team working towards a mission that matters, you understand the value of the work you do. It's the banter, the buzz of the win, the bonding over shared achievements, that's what motivates people to roll their sleeves up and get stuck in.

  1. Keep challenging

She shoots, she scores. She shoots, she scores again. If there's no challenge then interest fades, and motivation sails off with it. Without opportunities to learn and grow it's easy to take your foot off the gas and start coasting. Contrast that with an environment where no two days are the same and you’re encouraged to step up, and the enthusiasm rockets. Add a clear route to progression, strong support and you get a motivated team who push each other to bigger and better. 

  1. Be all ears

When you start somewhere new, you're full of fresh ideas and you’re enthusiastic to share them. But if it feels like no-one’s listening, your enthusiasm soon wanes. You fall into line and you lose interest. But it doesn’t have to be like that. If you feel empowered to share ideas, in a culture where you can be yourself, your motivation stays high. You'll start to open up conversations, try something different, even take the occasional risk, because you feel like you can make a real difference and that your team has your back.

  1. Reward achievements

You’ve put the leg work in, ridden the punches and shown that little touch of flair to carry you across the finish line. Time for the trophy parade, right? Not always. If you feel like you’ve given your all and don’t get the recognition you deserve it can be disheartening and demotivating. But it doesn’t always take a shiny medal or a big show of gratitude to make people feel valued. A culture of celebrating success starts with saying thanks for the small things. And when you feel valued, you’re more likely to pull together and support each other to achieve the big wins. Big wins that once you’ve finished celebrating give you the motivation to focus on the next one.

At Entain we're assembling a team that's changing the industry. With exciting locations, brands and opportunities, there's plenty here to keep you motivated. The pace is fast, the environment dynamic and the culture is as real as it gets. We work together to take on the challenges, for the good of entertainment.

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