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Safer gambling

As one of the biggest names in entertainment gaming and sports betting, it’s only natural we should be the people who step up to provide leadership and direction for the industry on safer gambling. Our efforts have been recognised by industry bodies, and we have picked up numerous awards for our programmes from the likes of EGR and SBC..

Our responsibility to our players.

Safer gambling is a complex issue, and one we couldn’t tackle without the dedication and commitment of our people. From our customer care teams, to our technical experts who are refining what personalisation can do to identify and safeguard problem gamblers - player safety is at the forefront of all our minds at Entain.

Here are some of the ways we’re putting our money where our mouth is, with funding, education, and research, to create a gambling safe future for everyone.

Our $5million research partnership with Harvard Medical School’s Division on Addiction, is looking into the causes and treatments for problem gambling behaviour and helping us to developalgorithms that can better detect at-risk behaviours. This project will usher in a new era of ever more effective intervention messaging and safeguards for our customers.


We’ve substantially increased our funding of research, education and treatment, investing over £12.5 million last year.. This is the largest contribution in the sector, and we hope other operators will follow our lead. We fund a large number of organisations in this area, including GambleAware,  GamCareYGam and the Gordon Moody Association.

We work closely with the leading independent gambling harm minimisation consultancy, EPIC Risk Management, on every aspect of our safer gambling strategy. They also train and educate our people here at Entain. We’re also funding responsible gambling workshops across high-risk populations, alongside delivering the world’s largest face-to-face gambling awareness education programme in schools.

In 2021 we launched ARC, our Advanced Responsibility and Care programme, which takes a pioneering approach to customer protection, by limiting customer exposure to risk at an individual level. It switches our player protection approach from reactive to proactive, and allows players to receive the intervention they need in real time, not after the fact. ARC represents a fundamental shift in our approach to player protection, and is the driving force behind our vision to be the go-to platform for safe play. Using behavioural indicators, data science and analytics to assess risk in betting and gaming, ARC™ works behind the scenes using advanced artificial intelligence to learn and identify risks in player behaviour so we can intervene before a problem develops.

Entain was the first sports betting operator to call for a ban on pre-watershed gambling adverts on the telly, around live sports. Something the industry has now voluntarily adopted.

As the sports betting partner of the German Football Association (DFB), one of the conditions of our co-operation is that responsible gambling and social responsibility remain firmly on the agenda.